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Long Covid: microbiome and gut health

Interview with Gez Medinger

Interviewing leading health practitioners on Long Covid and treatment of chronic fatigue conditions, Gez Medinger has been compiling incredible resource on his youtube channel, for COVID Longhaulers and their healthcare practitioners. A film maker, paramedic in training and Longhauler himself, Gez has been doing so much research in this area and I was really delighted he invited me to contribute to this fantastic resource. We covered a lot of ground, talking about the role of foods, prebiotics and probiotics in supporting microbiome health in inflammation and Long Covid.


0:00 Introduction

0:44 About Viola

4:47 What is Craniosacral Therapy?

7:10 Link between Gut and Chronic Symptoms

7:53 What Can We Do About It?

11:12 Where Does Treatment Start?

15:38 Long Covid vs ME/CFS

20:20 What is the Ideal Diet?

25:07 Histamine Intolerance

28:00 How Long Do We Need Restricted Diet For?

30:00 What Shouldn't You Do?

34:45 Leaky Gut

35:45 Good Online Resources

40:26 The Challenges of Recovery

42:20 Lessons for Long Covid

Viola Sampson BSc is a Microbiome Analyst practising in London UK and online. You can book a consultation, or get in touch to find out more.

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