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Viola Sampson BSc MCMA

Registered Microbiome Analyst
and certified Health Coach.

Based in: London, UK

Availability: currently on leave

Registration: The Complementary Medicine Association

A headshot of Viola Sampson, a white woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a dark green top and a silver chain.

Viola Sampson was one of the first practitioners in the UK to offer Microbiome Analysis; giving treatment recommendations tailored to her clients' unique gut bacterial profile. She draws on her early career in biomedical sciences as a published research scientist and more than 15 years as a natural healthcare practitioner, with a special interest in fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS and Long Covid, as well as trauma recovery and digestive health. She remains committed to excellence in practice, incorporating the latest research findings into her work.


Before setting up her Microbiome Analysis practice in 2018, Viola had been teaching progressive healthcare practitioners about the exciting advances in microbiome science, as well as running hands-on fermenting classes for a number of years. She added to her earlier qualifications with specialist nutritional training and a certification in Health & Wellness Coaching (graduating with Distinction) and an advanced certification in Microbiome Analysis with the Microbiome Restoration Center.


She became fascinated by the gut microbiome due to her own life-long digestive issues, and began using microbiome stool tests in 2015 to support her own health. Microbiome repair was ultimately essential to her recovery, and allowed her to reintroduce a full range of foods after more than a decade of having to completely avoid all gluten, diary and nightshade foods.

She values ongoing training, study and mentoring with pioneering microbiome practitioners around the world.

My own experience of fifteen years of ME/CFS, starting in my late teens, led me to try a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches, and I trained in craniosacral therapy having found the treatment to be central to my recovery. I was in practice for fifteen years before focusing solely on my Microbiome Analysis practice. Drawing on this personal experience, together with focused professional development, I offer specialist understanding for those with chronic fatigue conditions.

My background includes many years of environmental and human rights work. I see the human microbiome as part of our wider ecosystem, including the soil microbiome. From the personal to the planetary, I am interested in how our relationship to our world affects our wellbeing as a whole.

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