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Vicky Ellenport BHScNUT

Registered Clinical Nutritionist and Microbiome Analyst

Based in: Melbourne, Australia

Availability in UK timezone: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Wednesday evenings.

Registration: Australian Natural Therapists Association

Vicky is a white woman with short curly hair, smiling at the camera

Vicky Ellenport is a Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in gut health and other complex conditions using evidence-based strategies and functional testing. Vicky believes that good gut health is the cornerstone to wellness and is passionate about helping people achieve positive health outcomes using a food first approach together with lifestyle changes. 

Vicky is naturally dynamic with a nurturing and compassionate approach. Her philosophy is to uncover the underlying factors that contribute to poor health and disease. Treating the person, not the disease, is her focus and she empowers clients to take charge of their health and achieve their wellness goals. In addition to her Bachelor of Health Science Nutrition, she has completed further trainings in health coaching, microbiome testing, SIBO and complex gut issues. 


I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition when I was twenty years old. I can empathise with the challenge of living with chronic illness and my personal health journey has been instrumental in my understanding and dedication to helping people heal naturally. 

I struggled with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and poor gut health for over 20 years, not realising that the two were linked. It took me many years of trying different diets, before discovering I was gluten and dairy intolerant. Changing food helped to a degree but it was only when I used microbiome testing and SIBO breath testing that I understood the whole picture. It turns out I had both small bowel overgrowth (SIBO) as well as large bowel dysbiosis. Once I had treated the overgrowth and changed my diet to correct the dysbiosis, I finally started to see improvements in my health. 

I personally believe that good health begins in the gut with the microbiome and I am excited to work with clients to improve their gut health. Microbiome analysis and other functional testing allows us to develop targeted treatment plans that are simple to follow and deliver results. Seeing clients move from surviving to thriving is what motivates me every day.

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