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The Microbiome Group practice offers treatment plans tailored to your unique profile of gut bacteria, with registered Microbiome Analysis practitioners around the world. We have a special focus on supporting people with chronic illness, in particular Long Covid and other fatigue conditions.

We use progressive microbiome stool testing to guide our treatment recommendations to best support your health. The tests we use provide empowering information on all the bacteria in your gut – not just a handful of species.


We are committed to evidence-based practice, meaning our treatment recommendations are informed by the latest research and data from well-designed clinical trials. We look, first, at how certain foods can support microbiome changes, and prescribe targeted probiotics and specific prebiotics as required.

You can find out more here about Microbiome Analysis and our practitioners, and book appointments online.

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Viola Sampson BSc MCMA and Associates

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Microbiome analysis is not considered a substitute for conventional medicine, although people often invest in treatment having exhausted all that conventional medicine has to offer them. We do not provide diagnosis of any condition, and some dietary or lifestyle recommendations may require consultation with your medical doctor or other healthcare practitioner. 


The information in this website reflects our professional experiences, our own opinions and the opinions of others. The service we offer is intended to complement, rather than replace, conventional medical advice and care. We value working alongside conventional medical practitioners, including your General Practitioner, consultant and other practitioners, and always welcome collaboration at your request.

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